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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

Due to the automatics systems are presented in many indutries today, in Thailand, most of the factories gradually suppose to increase productivity and improve product quality for the better chance in domestic as well as international competition. Consequently, the automation robotics technology are the key to those success. This research center aims to develop and improve devices and techniques for the flexible manufacturing system for being knowledge sources for Thai industries.

Most researches of The Control Automation and Robotics Lab are about the control of mechanical systems which consisting of two main streams; robotics system and automation system. In general, most of the researches of this laboratory have been practically applied in the real industries.

Moreover, this research center focuses on other special apllications for increasing performance of the robot, such as vision system, force interaction, advanced control sysytem, intelligent software, and etc.

Every projects listed in this section have been designed, analyzed, and built for the real applications. The research covers many interesting topics which are tele-operation system, parallel manipulator, hybrid serial-parallel manipulator, mobile robots, robot for special tasks.

Tele-Operation System

  • A 6-DOF Master-Slave Manipulator System for Miniature Tasks (2008)
  • Kinematics and Dynamics Model of the 7-DOF Serial Manipulator (2007)
  • A Master-Slave system of the Novel Parallel 6-DOF Master Device for Prototyping (2006)
  • An H-4 Family Parallel Manipulator (2004)
  • A Novel 6-DOF Master Device Using Parallel Structure (2003)

novel stewardmaster-slavemaster armminiature task

Mobile Robot

  • A Rocker-Bogie Field Mobile Robot (2004)
  • A Frame Walking Robot
  • A Six Leg Walking Robot
  • A Mobile Robot Using Omni-Directional Wheels


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The researches cover application that serve many filed of industry. The interesting topics cosnsist of CNC technology, special purpose machine,CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), CAD/CAM Technology.

  • Automatic Faceting Machine (2005)
  • Open Source NC Code Interpretation for 3-Axis Milling Machine (2004)
  • A 6 DOF 3D Measuring System (2003)
  • A Strain Gauge 3-Axes Force Sensor for Milling Machine (2002)
  • Development of A 3-D solid modeling system based on the parasolid kernel


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The research topics are almost about analysis of the complex mathmetics model and implementation of advanced control schemes, including inverse dynamics control, robustness control, adaptive control, force control, and etc. The knowledges from these researches would be add-on or applied to the original robots for extending their capability.

  • Embedded Force System for the 5-DOF H-4 family Hybrid-Parallel Manipulator (2007)
  • Impedance Control of the 7-DOF Serial Manipulator (2007)
  • An Automatics Lumbar Extensor Equipment (2006)
  • Advance Control of Gimbal Stabilized System (2006)
  • Traction Control of the Rocker-Bogie Field Mobile Robot (2004)
  • A Flexible Arm
  • An Inverted Pendulum


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A lot of modern automatics system using vision system as one of their sensors. There are many applications of the vision system, such as, measurement, object tracking, quality control, and etc. For this lab, the topics mainly associated with the stereo vision system which can detect the object in 3D. So, more than one cameras have been used in a project. In the future, these researches would be added to the exist projects for more applications.

  • A Real-Time 3D Tracking System using Multiple Cameras (2006)
  • A Particle Tracking System in 3D Using Stereo Vision (2005)
  • A 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine Using Stereo Vision (2004)
  • The Development of an Advanced Technique for 3D Coordinate Measurement of Complex Surfaces Using Stereo Vision (2004)


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