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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Lab serves the needs of various fields of the "design" and "manufacturing" industry, including prototypes of jewelry and ornament industry, industry design prototyping, precision mechanical parts, and other consumer products. The prototypes typically made of wax and resin can be appropriately used in the molding-casting process directly. Silicon molding is another area which you can rely on us.


  • SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus)
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering

Material (*3D Systems)

  • Amethyst (violet resin, brittle, 50 micron resolution, suit for jewelry work)
  • SI10 (white resin, high durability, 100 micron resolution, suit for mechanical part)
  • SI50 (transparency resin, moderate brittle, 100 micron resolution, suit for general part)
  • S100 (blue wax, 200 micron resolution, economical price)

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Rapid tooling, made of silicon, is another area that we provide survices at industrial standard level. This technique is to enhance our RP services which can produce a small amount of the desired part (quantity of 50-100 with various type of material. This can help to accelerate your product development process.The silicon mold is made of hi-grade silicone material from Germany. Varius type materials can be chosen of producting output parts.

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The reverse engineering provides the CAD model form the real products. The model can be obtained accurately by special measurement equipments and various type of 3D-scanning system with world class CAD softwares. The using techniques are suitable for mdelling of various type of products, especially the products which have complex surfaces, for example, mold and die design and manufacturing, automotive body design, automotive light bulb, etc.

Measurement techniques

  • Optical Measuring system (up to 10 micron depend on the object size)
  • CMM (appx. 5 micron)

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The parts are manufactured by the professional techincians and staffs providing high quality and precision mechanial parts. Every machines in our work shop are accurately and precisely controlled by the industrial standard NC-Technology, consequently, qualtiy and precision parts can be assured for your satification.

We also provide services in Plastic Injection Mold (Design and Manufacturing) as well as blow mold.


  • 3-axes CNC hi-speed milling machines (Makino V33)
  • 4-axes CNC Lathing turn-mill machine (Mazak)
  • 5-axes CNC milling machine (Mazak)
  • etc.

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Our facilities (CAD/CAM/CAE, RP technology, RP tooling, and Manufacturing using CNC machines) can be used to help industries to reduce their product design and development lead time. Moreover, our techniques help the product developers to analyze and optimize their designs effectively.

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The Control Automation and Robotics Lab has done a lot of research projects that related to real industrial applications such as Automatic Faceting Machine, Payload (Gimbal) of UAV, etc. Most of the completed and progressed researches relates to the control of mechanical systems, vision system, CAD/CAM software, field surveying, CNC technology, medical devices, and etc. There are a lot of researchers ready for the new challenged tasks.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Lab provides the short course training of the CAD/CAM/CAE technology and software, especially Dassault CATIA, for anyone who interested in. The course would be trained in a small group (10-20 person) for 1-2 weeks according to the participants' needs and objectives. We can also cutomize courses to suite the required purposed.

Presentaion CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP for IE


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